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Engineering Projects and Technical Control Over Works – AUTOMATION PROJECTS

We draw up the project plan and the technical specifications for the implementation of Control Systems with the goal of obtaining improved energy efficiency. We also carry out audits of existing control systems.

BAUM CONTROL assists you in optimising energy consumption by suggesting improvements to the system. We prolong the lifespan of the equipment by implementating high quality levels of preventive and corrective maintenance.

FULL INTEGRATION OF ALL SYSTEMS (lighting, air conditioning, security, access control, fire protection systems, etc.)  IN A SINGLE Building Management System (BMS).

Control Systems Maintenance (Remote Management Control)

Our highly specialised technicians can guarantee the proper functioning of the systems. From our offices we offer a Remote Management Control via the Internet which improves the response times in the case of any incidents.

Safety and Access Control Installations

These anti-intrusion protection systems guarantee the security of the building.

Acess Control

An access control system provides selective restriction of access to the building or to certain areas of it.

Intrusion Control

An Intrusion Detection Control System collects and processes the signals generated by connected presence detectors. It activates the alarm signals necessary to generate a warning when a secured perimeter is breached allowing the necessary measures to be taken.

CCTV Control System

Closed-circuit television, implemented by BAUM CONTROL, provides the highest possible level of surveillance. We use the most up to date camera technology and powerful software to control the systems.

Provision of materials

We provide materials from the most prestigious brands among control Companies (Air conditioning and Lighting), Security Companies (Access Control, Intrusion Control and CCTV) and fire detection Companies (analogue addressable or conventional).

Climate Control Solutions

BAUM CONTROL contributes to improved energy management of air-handling units, heating systems and air conditioning. The aim is to find the most appropriate system for the needs of each client and achieving quality-of-life improvements for every person living or working at the building, while offering complete comfort and contributing to energy savings.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Installations Management Projects

Through efficient lighting management great energy savings can be achieved. Lighting can represent up to 40% of energy consumption in a building. The correct lighting control solution can slash your lighting costs by 50% .

Indoor Lighting Control Systems make the most of natural light and produce a consistent lighting level. These systems use dimmers, presence sensors and time control either alone or in combination. By implementing a lighting control system, the lifespan of the lamps increases, leading to energy consumption savings and to savings on maintenance costs, through permanent monitoring of the intallation’s status.

Solutions for homes: Home Automation Installations

Home Automation Installations are a group of inter-connected electrical, electronic and computer devices that control and automate the functioning of the home. BAUM CONTROL offers an extensive catalogue of comprehensive home automation solutions covering the requirements of different projects. We offer easy-to-use systems that integrate the leading technologies on the market. Our projects are designed to achieve the centralisation of building management while providing security, energy saving and comfort.

Fire Detection Projects

BAUM CONTROL implements the very latest technologies for fire detection. We advise you on how to obtain  comprehensive security. We take care of everything from the initial design to commissioning of both conventional systems and of the most sophisticated analogue/algorithmic systems. We can also take care of integration using the Building Management System (BMS).

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